The American Tunaboat Association (ATA) has been in existence since 1917 in San Diego, California, on occasion operating under a different name.  The members of the ATA are owners of U.S. flag vessels that use purse seine nets to fish commercially for tuna.  Representatives of the ATA are involved in matters that affect these vessels, including international negotiations and meetings on the conservation and management of tuna stocks.

The ATA has a long history of advocating for and supporting sustainable fisheries for highly migratory species such as tuna, which can only be achieved through effective international action.  In order to maintain these stocks at sustainable levels, it is essential that all nations with vessels involved in the fisheries cooperate to reach agreement on science-based conservation and management measures.

The ATA also believes it is important to maintain a strong U.S. flag tuna fleet, and is therefore committed to doing what it can to ensure that American vessels can participate in the international fisheries for tuna on a fair and equitable basis.