Job: Chief Engineer

Title Chief Engineer
Categories Chief Engineers
Salary To Be Negotiated
Job Information

Sardinha & Cileu Management Inc. is looking for US Licensed Chief Engineers to serve aboard large tuna seiners fishing in the Western Pacific.  The vessels’ carrying capacity ranges from 1,000 to 1,400 Metric Tons.   The vessels stay on the high seas for extended periods of time ranging from 30 to 75 days a trip and can spend up to 300 days a year at sea.

1 year contracts are desired


  • Chief Engineer license 4000 HP uninspected minimum
  • General knowledge in Tuna purse seine operations
  • 4 year min experience with Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
  • Brine Freezing of Tuna or Tuna like species
  • Transshipping experience of Tuna or Tuna like species
  • Hydraulic Systems maintenance and repair experience a must
  • Experience in electrical systems trouble shooting and repair
  • Marine Electronics trouble shooting skills helpful
  • Experience with EMD mains & Caterpillar auxiliary engines
  • Experience in marine sanitation systems maintenance/repair
  • Must be knowledgeable with US Coast Guard Oil and Pollution rules and regulations
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